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Regardless of size or industry, we deliver merchant cash advance consolidation and business debt settlement solutions that assist business owners in improving their cash flow and regaining control over their payments.

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Business Debt Settlement and Restructuring

We want to know more about your situation, so talk to us about your debt.

No matter how much debt your company has accrued or how it got there, our skilled debt negotiators can help you figure out your options and choices that are open to you.

Advice to help you navigate your existing debt

We believe in transparency. We want you to fully understand how we work so that you can feel confident in knowing that our dedicated negotiators are working hard for you.

Tailored Debt Management For Long Term Success

Business owners who are struggling with debt often feel overwhelmed by their creditors’ phone calls and emails, as well as by the time spent trying to negotiate with them.

A debt restructuring company can help you regain your time and peace of mind by working with your creditors on your behalf.

Your MCA Consolidation Partner

You join our family when you sign a debt settlement agreement with Merchant Advance Relief, and everyone in our family watches out for one another.

Every Business Debt Is a Bit Different


We pride ourselves on our transparency. Before you commit to anything, we’d love to let you know what options you have available. Finding out what steps you can take doesn’t cost anything and is completely non-committal. Hear us out and you can decide for yourself which path you’d like to take.


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How Would You Feel If You Could Get Your business Debt Problems Resolved?


Dealing with the burden of business debt can take a significant toll on your health – both physical and mental. Our goal is to establish an affordable payment plan that puts at least 50% of your monthly debt budget back in your pocket, freeing up your time and helping put an end to your headache.

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For business owners, debt is a daily burden. Between the numerous calls, emails and time spent negotiating with creditors, you barely get any time to address your business’ growing list of needs. Working with a reputable and experienced debt restructuring firm can help you reclaim your time and peace of mind.


Get back in black with a single, lower payment

Payment plans for your business’ outstanding accounts can help you maintain control of your cash flow. Let us negotiate your debt down to a single manageable monthly installment, saving you the headache of unwanted phone calls and emails.

There’s no magic pill to eliminate debt, but it is possible

You can achieve freedom from financial debt by implementing a well-developed debt relief plan. Our friendly and knowledgeable counselors will guide you through the process painlessly.


We have the right fit for you regardless of how much you owe

One of the most important steps in getting your business debt under control is choosing the right debt relief company. We operate transparently, so you can see every step of the settlement process. We do not charge anything upfront and we never require anyone to make a payment until their account is settled.

Why Merchant Advance Relief?


Since its beginnings, Merchant Advance Relief has been helping business owners reclaim their time and eliminate their debt.


We take great pride in providing quality services and exceptional customer support every single day


Our primary goal is to help your business by restructuring your debt into an affordable payment that frees up your cash flow.

Ready for your Busniess Sebt Settlement program?

Find Relief from your business debt today. Connect with one of our experienced counselors and see how we can help you find the path to financial success.

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