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Owner operators and sole proprietors who have overextended their finances submit countless applications to merchant cash advance providers and other financial institutions that deal with businesses every day. Maximize your return on investment by taking advantage of these missed chances, and establish a foundation of confidence with prospective borrowers by offering them solutions to their debt issues.

ISO Opportunities

Many of these applicants are the perfect candidates to profit from debt restructuring, but the majority of lenders will reject applications from clients who they perceive are taking advance after advance to stay afloat. Existing players in the lending market are well-positioned to seize this chance by directing these clients to Merchant Advance Relief. By doing this, rather than just helping them get through another month of debt, you will be giving them a long-term answer to their revolving debt. With this strategy, you can strengthen your connection with well-paying clients while also having the opportunity to profit from the referral.

Affiliate Opportunities

For small to middle size funders, the merchant cash advance market is appealing and lucrative. With few regulations and minimal entry barriers, the business is largely unregulated. Because of this, there has been a rise in merchants stacking advances in recent years just to meet their minimum payment deadlines. This offers a chance for consultancies already dealing with debt to give these clients the advice they require to reduce their debt rather than adding to it. By collaborating with Merchant Advance Relief, you can give these clients access to market-leading debt restructuring options that are supported by our team of skilled debt negotiation specialists.


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